Hi Super-73!

My name is Michael Lasanta and I’m a Swedish creative director, DOP, photographer and motorcycle enthusiast living in the South of France. 

Long story short (you’ll find the longer story further down..) : I run a production company based in Stockholm, Sweden and Nice, France, I really like your brand and would love to create content for you – primarily around the  coast, cities and mountains of our beautiful Cote d’Azur.  

The following is a short introduction on who we are, what we do and why we think it would be a great idea to work together.

Here’s a collage from some our latest interactions with your products and a short thing we filmed for CAKE in an afternoon not too long ago to kick things off : 

The long(er) story

For the past 11 years I’ve been running my own production company,  shooting a wide range of projects worldwide – spanning from extreme sports / outdoor to fashion shoots and documentary work for the BBC. During this time I’ve more or less been living out of a suitcase, racking up 200+ travel days a year shooting around the world, often together with my wife and sidekick Candela (seen on your bikes above) who also works as a professional ballerina for Ballets de Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Throughout our travels we have often stumbled across your products and considering that both of us are motorcycle enthusiasts, we instantly fell in love. With this passion for motorcycles (and extreme sports) I’ve been drawn to shoot more 2-wheeled action and have managed to find a good group of people around the Cote d’Azur who share the same passion for riding, shooting and exploring the surrounding areas. 

We regularly do trips to the nearby mountain areas where we set up camp, create content for partnering brands and hang out – in other words a great setting for professional and UGC style content creation.

So, why work with us?

The location.

With us being based in the Cote d’Azur, we have access to very diverse locations, from urban city spots to mountains, lakes, forests, seaside beach sites and ski resorts all year round. In other words, the California of Europe.

The shooting style.

I’m coming from  a background of skateboard, snowboard and ski cinematography, meaning  one of my USP’s is being able to shoot from basically anything that moves, in high speeds, in very narrow spaces. Now that really comes in handy when shooting 2-wheelers in urban environments on tight budgets. All urban tracking shots seen in the CAKE-video above are done using an electric skateboard, going about 50km/h next to the bike. 

The people.

We have a wide and diverse network of friends and acquaintances in and around Nice who love to be in front of the camera on fun projects – especially ones that include adventure and 2-wheeled cruising. 

The community, reach & UGC.

We also have access to a tight knit community of content-aware riders in the area with a fairly big combined social reach within your target audience. Basically everyone in this group has a passion and eye for content creation and will always ride with their camera gear. And they’re all great riders on top of that..

Concept suggestions

Overview (more suitable for worldwide market, but could be adapted with a European angle) :

Apart from delivering a big selection of mood based content from the Cote d’Azur area, I would love to develop a series of video-portraits of Super-73 owners around the world during my travels, showcasing how the bike is affecting their everyday urban and outdoor lifestyle. 

After having met so many Super-73 owners around the world I’ve come to realize that they are all living very different lifestyles in very different locations, using their bikes in many different ways. 

My Swedish friend Oskar Bakke – a well known car photographer based in Venice Beach California – is sharing his RX with DJ-girlfriend Jennifer so that both of them can get around the area, location scouting, getting to gigs and grabbing Sunday morning coffee together. Fast, efficient and emission free. 

On a recent trip to Tokyo, Japan I met the owner of Shibuya based Udon restaurant “Menchirashi” who has modified their Super with a hydraulic food delivery system in order to not spill any of the soup while delivering food around the area.

Max Rantz McDonald, Irish MC and event mastermind based in California mainly brings his Super in the camper van for offroad adventures in the nearby national parks in the weekends. 

AO, a Monaco based director and motorcycle enthusiast uses his bike to get to and from the beach for morning runs and swims without having to get stuck in traffic. 

The list can be made a lot longer.

I think that a series of short videos, set in different locations around the world, where we focus on the everyday use of the bike could work really well to highlight the versatility and real world use of the product, showing how this urban revolution in mobility really is something that literally anyone could use to improve everyday life – all while giving it a personal touch.  


So what am I really suggesting here?

Basically I’m looking at this as a passion project where I would love to get creative with your products in an environment and with riders that I know suits it well.

In exchange I’m not looking for payment, but rather a solution where we could trade a bike (RX) for a first batch of content (moving, stills & UGC) that can be used across all markets and hopefully a setup where we could make a series of portrait-videos down the line (as of right now I have trips planned to LA, Miami, Tokyo and Hong Kong in the near future).

..or we could just have a chat and see what we’ll come up with!

Either way – thanks for taking your time to look through this presentation and hope to talk to you soon! 

All the best,
Michael (& Candela)

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